Shark Diving in the Bahamas

A year in Asia was the best adventure of my life. Over the past ten months, I have slowly rejoined American society – taking a full-time office job because it was the career opportunity of a lifetime, renting an apartment, buying a car and even adopting a shelter cat named Cinna. I’m fully re-domesticated, which is exactly what I preached against a year ago, but I’ve taken comfort in knowing that the exploration is far from over. Later in life, I’ll probably live abroad again. Until then, I’ll have to settle for weekend and week-long jaunts like this one, which was pretty darn cool.

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If you’re a diver, I highly recommend taking a trip to Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas. My local dive shop, World of Scuba, took a group of about 35 people to New Providence Island where we did 8 dives in 2 days. It was really exhausting! Day one was pretty average – we dove to 120 feet, saw turtles, lobster, reef fish and speared some lion fish, but day two took the cake. As soon as we entered the water, we were surrounded by reef shark darting around us and following us along our dive. A little scary at first, but you quickly adjust to sharing the water. Those three dives with sharks were the coolest dives I’ve ever done. Check it out:

If you’re looking for an affordable, very basic but clean place to stay on New Providence Island, check out Orange Hill Inn. It’s full of cool people – mostly divers – and the food is great!

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